Wednesday, 20 July 2011


My brothers wedding is taking place at the end of this month and I foolishly said I would do the buffet, the table decorations and favours!! The theme for the tables is pink and cream roses so, rather than go out and buy them - as that just wouldn't be crafty, I got out my Tattered Florals die and made them, 90 in total, using Bazzill Bling card stock.
It was very time consuming but rewarding when I looked at them piled up ready to go!

Well, ready to go - or not!
With the help of my very good, and probably very fed up friend, we glued them in to place and stood up to admire our handiwork. Great, then one fell off - then another, and another.
The problem was trying to glue paper to glass quickly as there aren't enough hours in the day to hold each rose in place until the glue dried.
Fast forward to 3 days and several different glues later, success with Pinflair glue gel.

They aren't finished yet, but this is how they are looking now:

Hopefully when they are finished they will be filled with glass beads (the kind that go in flower vases) and a tea light, battery operated to comply with fire regs.
Just hoping that my brother and his wife will like them, think it will be quite some time before I feel the need to make roses again!!!

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